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Misinformation or No information

Blogging for the category which urges people to change can be difficult sometimes. I get out of ideas, or sometimes the change is too controversial to be brought upon the world. These problems get easily solved with the help of my team. It becomes an issue when I have a topic or a change in my mind but not enough information about it to share with the world. But why giving the correct information or an adequate amount of information is necessary? People will read the absolute shit I may write and either will ignore it even after noticing the wrong or will believe just like they believe everything else on the internet. 1 or 2 of readers may approach the organization but then, it may have been too late. Many people may already have acted upon that misinformation. As a reader, I've always feared getting misinformed by the *internet*, so as a blogger I promised myself to never post any content without having complete information. So I had a simple change of my own, researching thoroughly each and everything before posting or asking anyone to do something. Yeah, I do my research from the internet too but, I double-check my work before giving it to my readers. That's the One Simple Change I'm going to suggest everyone have and confirm before passing it on. Because as you may have heard, No information is better than misinformation.

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Aug 12, 2021



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