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Manifesting powers through disorders

In a world where mental health is undoubtedly crippling the power of third-eye wisdom, ADHD is throbbing its existence on the throne. This disorder is a superpower thriving and smashing the rusty bars of mental illnesses, proving its existence more than what the psychological papers have to say.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder brings the disorder to its name but also gets cognitive bonuses in its meaning. Closely 9% of the world's population is impaired by this disorder making these 9% have a 99% guaranteed odds of success or downfall. Is ADHD a blessing in disguise or the devil's advocate? This disorder can sometimes be so overwhelming that you can either end up being constructive or destructive. Getting swamped by the feeling of nihilism in a way that the primary constituent of the third eyes wisdom gets lost in the wave of slumber. The other argument being it can compel you to toil your body until it has a mechanical breakdown. And why am I talking about a disorder?

A - I am personally sealed with this disorder.

B - It's intriguing how it can be a directory for being successful.

C - Not everyone can afford to have it; brains that can sustain fierce ripples on themselves can be honored with it.

D - Word-for-word, all societal luminaries and steaming personas like Edison and Einstein had it.

ADHD manifests power.

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