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Mandana Art

Mandana paintings are the oldest form of painting done by the Meena community in the parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It consists of animals, trees, plants, humans, and many more. Its often believed that this art shows how prosperous and happy the household is. It is usually made on the walls or the floor. It is paste mixed with water and chalk or any rice flour powder or cow dung. Brick and chalk are used as variants of the colors white and red. The brush is made of twigs, cotton, and a small portion of squirrel hair as the painting tool. One of the most interesting facts is that no one learns how to make a Mandana painting, girls observe it and make it of their own. Although the paintings are simple to draw they should be drawn in the first go usually there is no option of erasing it and drawing again. Earlier this was only made by girls but nowadays, boys also make it and some of them earn their living through Mandana art. Watching so many videos of people making the art is so fascinating. Hope you all also try this art one day as it's less time-consuming.

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