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Makhan Chor

India is celebrating one of its biggest festivals - Janmashtami, Which translates to birthdate! Yes, it is Lord Krishna - one of the most believed diety's birthday. Lord Krishna is said to be Lord Vishnu's last incarnation on Earth until later when he'll take birth again when the Earth is on the verge of destruction. Lord Krishna is also the author of Gita- the holy book of principles and morals. There exists a food item that made it to our mighty lord's favorites. Yes! It's Makhan. Lord Krishna was brought up among milkmen and milkmaids. They used to churn their milk until all the fat was separated forming Makhan. Makhan is considered extremely healthy and is assumed to be the reason for the healthy body of our ancestors. It is also a source of immense energy. India is an agricultural country and most of its population used to be engaged in farming. It is also known to be a very hot country. Makhan was the key that kept the farmers going. It is said that not only it provides energy but also keeps the body cool in daytime heat. Just a simple substance- Makhan is so much important to the Indian culture. Thus, to remember its importance and to celebrate our favorite Makhan chor- Lord Krishna's birthday, we celebrate the festival of Janmashtami. I wish you all a very heartily Janmashtami!

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Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma
Aug 28, 2021

This is a wonderful article and good knowledge for the people who should know the importance of all the festival of their country in which they live in.


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