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Maggie and Me

Maggie Noodles and I are like childhood friends. We used to meet at least once a week and if not, I would have skipped my lunch on that day. Maggie was born in India in 1982. I passed all my exams, 10th, and 12th with Maggie by my side. Maggie was created to provide nourishing and affordable food for workers. 134 years later, it is one of the billion-dollar brands, recognisable around the world for passing on the goodness of homemade food. The innovative principles on which it was founded continue to drive its development forward today. Maggie is a brand which never sits. It’s constantly evolving e.g. Soups, Maggie cubes, Maggie pasta, Maggie Ketchup and Maggie Atta noodles made with wheat and Maggie oats noodles, etc. Years back maggie got banned sending shock waves to many. For those of us who claimed that they could ‘cook’, just because they had mastered the art of making Maggie, a ban on it came as a shock. A shock? More than a shock. A mini heart attack I should say! After being tested to have excess lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate), Nestle India’s sales tremendously went down by 60-70 per cent. But after years of tremendous hard work and marketing strategy, it is back. Maggie is still an emotion to many of us.

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