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Did you ever felt like nothing's going right and everything's falling apart? Lost the will to love yourself again? If no then you can skip this you don't need this yet.

So how do we get past situations like this?

The first and foremost step choose HAPPINESS, choose positivity over all the negative, overlook all the negativities around you. Then do things you are most passionate about because nothing will make you feel more accomplished than doing the thing you love the most. Get yourself a pet, this one always works. Any animal. Its smile will heal all your wounds in no time. Talk to someone. Talking always works, it gets you to understand your problems more thoroughly. Last but not the least, start helping others. This will give you happiness more than anything. Going to bed knowing you made someone smile today is the greatest euphoria in the world. Always remember to be your best friend first. Be selfish. Love your life cos you have got only one.

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Meet Shukla (MS)
Meet Shukla (MS)
Apr 17, 2021

Helping others & making smiles on people is my favourite 💯.. that happiness is on another level 🤩.


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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