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Love what you Live

Limited variables in life form a simple equation for us to solve to live a good life, but all we have done is keep adding extra variables and messing up the balance. The equation, when translated correctly, gives the value of how happily we lived. Happiness is relative. It is different for everyone, but the smile on our faces is the same, isn’t it? Some typical house dance music can explain life. There are bass drops and loops at some intervals, but the song should be such that it would make us jump, right? That’s how we should be living! People talk about dedication and hardships we need to face for success but tell me one thing, who was that maniac who said success couldn’t be achieved while being happy? Hercules had to perform ten labours before becoming the son of Zeus. Then? He lost all his family and remained a mercenary in the books of history. So don’t you think that we should try helping our hearts for once instead of satisfying our greed? Sometimes it is good to take control of your life just to let it go out of control because that thrill feeds the crazy inside of you. So rather than dealing with the crazy inside us, why can't we just embrace it and love what we live for ourselves?

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