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Little Love and Compassion

Have you ever yelled at a beggar to stop them from interrupting you or lectured them about how they should turn their life around rather than begging people for money? We all have done this at a certain point in our lives. We get irritated easily by their constant whining about how they want something to eat. Sure many people ask for money for foul reasons but, have you ever considered 3 out of 5 people you yelled at were in genuine need of it. Have you ever thought that the person you tirade at for not doing a real job or choosing the easy way out may have been trying to get a job but, in the meantime, they may also have a family to feed?! We are so quick to give our judgment, and what harm is it gonna do us? We are never meeting them again. However, the harm we do to them by humiliating and making them question everything just because we were in a bad mood and snapped. I'm not asking you to keep distributing your money to them. No, but what you can do is acknowledge them. Instead of ignoring them or snapping at them, look at them with compassion and smile, make them feel their presence. Yeah, they need money but what they need more than that is some respect to get going, and to want to turn a life around. So let's have yet another "One Simple Change" and treat everyone with a little love and compassion.

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