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Life, surprise me!

As I crawled under the blanket, I wrapped my arms tighter around my chest and curled my legs up as a cocoon. I felt the shivers of cold and started to breathe with more effort but amidst all that I thought about the uncertainty of life. How not conveying what we feel can lead to missing the brighter days that might have fallen in our way if we did otherwise. How trusting someone has more to do with us than the other person as it’s more about us trusting them with all that we have nevertheless of what they decide to do with it in the latter part.

The thunderstorm of thoughts and emotions were all over the place. The thoughts intertwined one after another to a point where I was stuck with a question - What’s the thrill of life if we don’t take risks?

The ‘What if ' things work out will always be a mystery then. Won’t it? We are so used to the comfort and the predictability that we are hardly open to any new experiences.

How about opening our arms wide to new friends, new love, new work experience, new perspectives and what not.

There might be times when things won’t work the way you wanted but what if better things are going to come your way?

Let’s allow life to surprise us

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Sep 23, 2022



Pick some words and hear them talk.

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