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Let's Change for Better

When I take a deep breath and flashback in time I realize many things have changed, some for good, some for bad. Everything has odds and evens, but in conclusion, each and every soul has the power to bring a change, now again this change can be positive as well as negative. Expecting for the best might sometimes lead to disappointments but we can at least change one percent of ourselves every day setting foot towards becoming a better person. This world needs more love than hate and peace than conflict. We can only share something when we have it. The same applies to knowledge and happiness. Firstly, try to live a life of purpose, because with purpose comes the explicit feeling of fulfillment. Without becoming better, you can never become the best, it’s a gradual and slow process. After experiencing and analyzing many things in life, I can firmly say that you only become better when your only competition is you. You always have to become a better person than you were yesterday. Setting unrealistic expectations to get 95% when currently you are scoring 70% will always lead to disappointments. Prepare hard-set a mark of 75% than 80% and that’s how you achieve. My most important message to all the people reading this is that always try to make yourself a better person and that’s how you will become the best.

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