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Lawn Bowls Players Creating History

Many people compare lawn bowls to a combination of curling and ten-pin bowling. In ten-pin bowling, the objective is to knock out every pin at the end of the lane; in lawn bowling, the team must get the "bowl" (the ball) as near to the "jack" as possible. Most bowls are spherical, ball-like shapes with flattened sides that generally have a diameter between 112mm and 134mm. They are constructed of wood, rubber, or plastic resin. The bowls can weigh up to 1.59 kg and frequently include ridges to improve player grip. Players take turns rolling these bowls near the jack as possible while standing on each side of a mat that is 600mm long and 360mm broad. The jack is smaller and lighter than the bowl, and it is either white or yellow. By taking home the gold medal in the women's fours format on Tuesday at the current Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the Indian women's lawn bowls team made history. India has secured its first-ever medal by beating a team among the top five Lawn Bowls teams and has 40 medals in the sport. They triumphed over New Zealand by a score of 16–13. Lovely Choubey, Pinki, Nayanmoni Saikia, and Rupa Rani, the Indian quartet, got off to a 0-5 deficit in the semifinal. It held its composure and came back to take the lead at 7-6, which grew to 10-7 in the end. India continued to score points and won the game without looking back.

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