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I know I know you are here for a food blog and the title says knife. A knife is very important in the kitchen to do any type of work. Maybe cutting your fruits and vegetable, or maybe peeling them and making them look presentable...not only the presentation but also it helps in making your work faster and safer. There a lot of varieties of knives used like chefs knife (which are very sharp and used to cut thing to makes work quicker), Santoku knife ( which helps in mincing the meat), Carving knife ( for more precision), Bread knife and utility knife (which are normally seen in our households. Not only they are distinguished based on the blade, but also on the type of country like Chinese hold knives which are very broad in shape and used in normal households. Nowadays there are different types of material used for making them. They can be plastic, metal, or copper, which are of more utility for a particular purpose. Fun fact: Do you want to cry less while cutting onions and not have to resort to wearing something like swim goggles to protect your eyes? Then sharpen your knife. A sharp knife slices cleaner through the cell walls of an onion. This does less damage and releases fewer irritants that make you tear up.

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