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Kindness doesn't have an Age

Why are people so nice and kind to people who are about to die? To make their last few moments on Earth incredible, to make them forget about their condition for a while and make it as beautiful as they imagined this world would be when they first opened their eyes. People be nice to dying people to make their last few minutes or hours joyful. Now, let's rephrase the question, "Why are people just nice and kind to a person who is about to die and not everyone around them?" People hesitate to be good to someone who doesn't have their expiry date decided. People think showing our kindness to someone on their deathbed is better than showing it when they are alive, safe, and sound. Life is unpredictable, death is uncertain, especially in these times not everything is in our control, but as long as we're with the right people, we can handle anything! And being the right person in someone's life is the most amazing feeling. Also, as Millennials like to put, "Everyone dies a little every day." And being nice not only boosts other people's serotonin levels but also boosts yours. So why not be a little nicer to everyone every day and love this life a little more than we are taught to!

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