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Kaleidoscope Of Nature

Have you ever stepped out of your house and looked out of the window and thought, "This! This is the creation of nature. Just how beautiful it is! ". Every other day, I see unique hues of colours spreading in the sky, making beautiful ombres of pastel and cool shades. Sometimes, even the clouds add more strokes to that masterpiece, and it gets better every day. The way how every season makes me feel special. I want to go to the nearest nursery in the summer, take in the sunshine, and drink my mango smoothie with watermelon. In winter, I like to wear comfy clothes, snuggle up my blankets and feel the crisp air. Autumn is very special to me as it is the season when my friends leave for college for their fall semester, not knowing when I’ll see them again. Such is its beauty! You need to let go of the people just like the leaves, let go of the trees and come back again in the spring with the freshness and clemency it surrounds us with. Monsoon! There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe its elegancy. It Rejoices a person. Seasons change as the earth progresses along its orbit around the sun. We determine it by a specific smell, bringing home a seasonal fruit, visiting our relatives, or starting an essential fast. But in this movement of change, we learn to adapt, we make sure things are constant, and we learn to find balance. Such is its beauty! Seismic and unexpected.

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