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It's okay not to be okay

Don't blame others for not listening to you they might not be in a mood to hear you. Many people go through a lot of things in their life, it can be personal or it's something else. We don't have to stick to our problems, all we need to do is OVERCOME because everything happens for a reason. Let your mind meet the positive vibes. Nobody has the right to handle your emotions. People come and hurt us, it maybe is intentionally or may not be! You have to be who you are, don't let them affect you. We all have gone through a lot, but we chose to overcome, to fight it, and not to hurt us emotionally, mentally, or physically. It's all just a part of our life. Don't give the key of your heart to anyone. Don't ever think that you're all alone, once you stop that's when negative thoughts come back. We have to remind ourselves that not everyone else is to blame for how we feel. Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it. Remember that you have OVERCOME, FIGHT IT, and GIVING UP is not okay! In the end, You only have YOURSELF!

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