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It's all in your mind

Do you believe in superstitions? I do. I have a set of beliefs that make me control everything from wearing certain clothes to the exact order of activities I need to perform. Although, the superstitions do not ALWAYS help us achieve the desired outcomes, obviously, or else I’d be the world champion by now. But there is a certain psychological factor that makes me WANT to believe in it. When we want something to happen by hook or crook, we tend to try even the silliest thing. It is not always about practicality; some things are psychological and may NOT have a logical justification, but we still believe in them. My belief in the horoscope has a similar pattern. Even when it is written that your day may go exceptionally well, your day might go crap or vice versa and you’d still read it the next day. But would I let the given horoscope or superstition affect my performance and doubt my capabilities or build a sheer wall that doesn’t let me get affected psychologically? Summing up, it is all in your mind. Your performance or capabilities should not be judged or criticized on the basis of ANY external factors.

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