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A day to hang out with your soul. Yoga Day, also popular as World Yoga Day or International

Yoga Day is commemorated worldwide in almost all countries through yoga practice, meditation, concentration, debate, meetings, discourses, discussions, and seminars. Every June 21 is a day that remains to acknowledge the most important and largest event in the world, which is declared International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day among citizens. Thousands around the world demonstrate a wide variety of cultural and spiritual programs that are widely celebrated by the community and across the community. It is witnessed among zillions of people who come together to formalize yoga with a lot of desire and zest. Various spiritual & meditation organizations are operating and organizing different levels of Yoga performance on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Because of its countless benefits, Yoga has now become one of the most recent, enhanced, and most prevalent religious practices on Earth. There are a large number of benefits associated with yoga practice. Yoga is not a religion it’s the science, the science of welfare, the science of youth, the science of uniting the body, mind, and soul. The word ‘Yoga’ symbolizes unity or union, which symbolizes the unification of the body, awareness, and the quality of quick and positive reactions.

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