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Earth Overshoot Day - MoveTheDate

Nature provides for all. All of us are taught how nature provides us with everything needed for survival. But what is the limit? As we all know, our planet nurtures and grows at its own pace. It takes years for a seedling to grow into a plant, decades to decompose the dead plants into coal, centuries to make fossil fuel and even longer for the evolution and birth of new species. This means, everything we use right now took years to be made, but how long can all of this sustain for? Every year, the Global Footprint Network releases an earth overshoot day for us to know at what rate we're using Earth's produce worth a year. It is utterly shocking how with each year passing, our overshoot day keeps alarmingly increasing. For, what much produce we should've used for an entire year, will be used by July 28th itself. We're consuming much more than our Earth can produce in a year. It is such a huge concern because, in some years, we'll need twice what our Earth can produce in a year! The solution to this big issue is relatively simple. Sticking to public transport, consuming locally available food, reusing resources and promoting the use of clean energy are some simple yet effective ways of moving the date back to where it should be, at the end of the year.

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