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Inner Peace over everything!

Chocolate may be a great dessert but, can it be great as a burger patty? This random thought made me realize just because someone is a great person doesn't make them a great character in your life. They can be the most amazing people but, that wouldn't stop them from being unfit for a role in your life. A person may be the most successful or the richest or the nicest human in the world, still can be inadequate for you. Your parents, partner, boss, friend, teacher, or everyone else may be a great individual but still could not be good for the part they are supposed to play in your life. Even the kindest person can be a rude fit for you, it is possible you won't like to dance with the best dancer in the room, it is possible that you won't like the best melody ever made! It's your life. It's your recipe, you choose the ingredients, not all the flavors are compatible. And it doesn't make you bad or ungrateful for distancing from people who are unfit in your life. So let's have yet another One Simple Change and remove the people that don't fit in our life, don't try to adjust yourself or your life for anyone. Because it's always better to keep your inner peace than stay in turmoil.

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Oct 14, 2021

What a great thought! Loved it!!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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