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Indian marvels : Pickles

Ever wondered why your Grandmother keeps making pickles religiously even when everyone sees it as just a lump of oils and sugar? Trust me if you love pickles, this article will help you providing more reasons to love pickles! Indian pickle is a magic for a true Indian because it has the power to make a stale Chapatti interesting. These pickles have a huge variety too - lemon pickle, mango pickle, chilli pickle, turmeric pickle, fenugreek pickle and so many more! Keeping the fact in mind that every Indian food is way ahead of it's invention times... It was lately found that oils and sugar and salt are used as preservatives but our Indian grannys knew it before the whole world did. It is extremely safe as well as important to eat pickles in small quantities daily because they contain what they call ''Probiotic Bacteria" in Modern science. The bacteria are also known as good bacteria and improve digestion. Pickles contain oils, salt, fruit sugars, spices and herbs. When these ingredients are kept together in controlled temperature, they turn out to be our very precious pickles which is extremely good for digestion. Thus fixing all prejudices, our Indian pickles are totally safe and very beneficial for our health. I hope this science behind our precious pickles brings you light and some more taste in your daily food. Our pickles also teach us a value 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'. My favourite pickle is Lemon pickle, what's yours? Tell me in the comment section below!

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2021

Mine is mango pickle!😋


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