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In the mood for street food.

On any normal evening in India, in noisy main streets of cities and small towns, it's a familiar sight; The corner PaniPuri Wala (seller) surrounded by a group of eager customers. At first glance, Pani Puri seems nothing special to you. The word itself is a combination of pani(water, diluted with green and tamarind chutney) and puri (fried discs of dough). To eat pani puri is to be prepared for liquid dribbling down from your mouth and tears streaming from your eyes. A far better experience than it sounds to you right now. Pani puri occupies a very special place in the hearts of Indians and stomachs too. It's no wonder that pani puri is one of the most liked street snacks, missed the most during the lockdown in India. Many of the homes have taken a chance to recreate some of the magic at home. According to the Hindu newspaper google, India has seen a 107% increase in searches for panipuri recipes. Here's a small process to how to make your panipuri at home. In a blender mix cilantro, mint, ginger, green chilies, dry roasted cumin, jaggery, chat masala, asafetida, tamarind ice cubes, and a small quantity of water. Blend all of this well. Your teekha(hot) pani ready, top it with some chat masala. Now for potatoes, in a bowl of boiled potatoes mix boil chana, salt, green chilled, chopped cilantro, red chili powder, and chat masala... Your panipuri is ready. Did you know: there are a total of 10 different names of panipuri called in different parts of India...

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