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I am More than that

“The belief I had in myself was fading.” Was it when I started seeing myself more with the eyes of the people or when the beauty standards set on social media made me think that my body was not the perfect shape? Was it when I started judging myself looking in the mirror with an if or a but or was it when my friend told me I would look better if I were a bit taller, a shade lighter, and thicker? Was it when I was asked not to talk on calls at late night because of "log kya sochenge(what will people think)" or was it when my opinions sounded more of arguing where my grandmother added, “Girls should not give back answers.” Was it when the idea of me having more guy friends gave a wrong idea to an "aunty (aunt)" who later told my mom that I was a brat or was it when my ideas of what I wanted were gradually inclining towards what people wanted me to do. Was it when I was a cat called by the teachers because of that one mistake or was it when they made me feel that I was wrong in every possible way. The list can go on and on. But you know what, now it’s time to face the trauma. Because I am more than this. I am more than people’s opinions. I will go after everything that makes me feel good because I am done feeling like shit. Gonna flourish my self-belief.

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