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Hungry Ghost Fest

Happy hungry ghost fest, it's all about looking after a wandering soul. And are believed that they are hungry soul wandering on this day for food. There are two parts of the night; one being the family dinner and the other offering food to the ghost. Like many other traditional Chinese holidays, this also includes family. But in this case, they focus more on the nourishing part than the decorating side. For today, I am going to share one of the easiest, simplest, fewer ingredients yet the tastiest dish of their culture and that is EGG CONGEE WITH CHICKEN. Where congee means steamed rice. This is a perfect blend of silky creamy egg congee with some shredded chicken on the top. Also requires minimal effort and yet tastes like heaven. People sometimes use pork in place of chicken but, pork requires a lot of effort and marination. This recipe is so versatile that you can top it up with any of your favorite toppings cilantro, green onions, or maybe chili ( if u like spicy). Just enjoy this dish with some chips and your favorite series or maybe our blogs on.

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