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Hockey Under the Water?

What if hockey is played underwater? Yes, you heard it right and you probably don't know there is such a sport, that is played in more than 40 countries. This sport is also named Octopush. And this sport was invented by the British Navy in the 1950s. The reason behind this sport was to keep the Navy soldiers in shape and fit, and also it improves the efficiency under deep water. As you may know, hockey is played in two teams to maneuver the hockey puck with the hockey stick or pusher at the bottom of a swimming pool. The Underwater Hockey World Championship is the major championship held every two years around April and May. The goals placed underwater are 9 feet wide and only comprise a height of 8 inches only. Australia and New Zealand are some of the most popular countries where underwater hockey is being played. According to Opuszynski, underwater hockey is as widespread in New Zealand high schools as football or baseball are in America. And also, there's no tank for oxygen in underwater hockey. You have to hold your breath. It's very limited equipment a low-volume mask, fins, snorkel, gloves, and a short stick. You take a deep breath, swim to the bottom of the pool, pass the puck to your teammate, then come back up for air. This sport also became an event in Olympics.

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