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Her fury

A larger problem with no facile answer, global warming is the talk of the town. We love to adore mother nature but do we listen to her when she is in pain? We as her children have done more harm to her than any other thing. The fury, the wrath, that is being bestowed unto us, but are we blindsided dodging that too? There is an overall increase in floods around the world but connecting floods and climate change can be tricky due to a lack of data regarding both of them and certain factors that affect the whole ecosystem, spoiling the balance it once was in. A major upgrade in the rate of precipitation, snow melting in the hemispheres rising sea levels, the ozone layer depleting causing deathly skin cancer, and respiratory disorders seeing an uprise are some of the many causes or should I say the signs in which we are given the warnings that this is enough. In the search for the ideal and lavish lifestyle that we all look up to, we often tend to forget the resources that go into making it come to life. GenZ has been very vocal about combating climate change and so have millennials. People are going eco-friendly now and trying to reduce their carbon footprints and opt for a sustainable lifestyle. Awareness campaigns amongst the citizens of all countries have seen a hike in order for them to be aware of consequences and maybe with joint efforts prevent them once in for all. Hope so we are the generation that saved mother earth.

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