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Whenever we feel stressed out or have lots of things on our mind we prefer having a walk. Have you ever wonder why is that so? Why do people bicker for acquiring window seats in buses or trains? Or why do people tend to purchase how with beautiful sunset views? Well, you might not be aware but research has manifested that human exposure to nature facilitates speedy healing not only physically but psychologically too. Exploring nature helps one in relieving stress, letting go of anger, and are reported to have good health. It also creates happiness and pleasant feelings in one along with the promotion of calmness. Besides that, it also helps once enhancing their memory, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, increases self-esteem, and boosts the immune system. During this pandemic, we all have heard people being depressed as their normal lives got rupture. Life came to a sudden halt somehow and we couldn't cope up with it. The time has been difficult but through this time, somehow looking outside the window staring at the sky, and hearing the chirping of birds comforted us. The healing power of nature is not only enchanting but lucidly beautiful and remarkable.

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