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Harming the Harmless

We’re so occupied being competitive among ourselves that we tend to ignore the other factors getting affected due to our activities. Humans drag animals as well to participate in sports. There are a number of animal sports that can be broadly classified into two categories- one where animals play a supportive role alongside humans like horse riding and the other where solely animals play like cockfights. Do you feel that animals really wish to become athletes and what humans do by getting them into it is fair to them? I believe that we shouldn’t drag animals forcefully. There can be cases where it is safe to involve animals but making them do something, knowing that they might get hurt or lose their lives should not be tolerated. Is making them fight for the sake of our entertainment and making a profit out of it an inhuman activity? Sure it is. Animals who are used in dogfighting and cockfighting are typically kept chained outdoors in horrific conditions with little or no shelter. We may never know if animals really enjoy playing sports and if we are doing a good thing by involving them as they are quite well accomplished in their unique games but let’s get a little bit more sensitive towards them.

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