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Happy Ending is a myth

In several movies, there's often a Happy Ending but in reality, it is vice versa. Because After all, not every ending could be happy. Sometimes, Some endings could be so painful to bear that you would always end up thinking that this is the most painful feeling you ever felt, and that's the moment you start realizing that instead of making or putting efforts into every other people you interact with You should start making efforts for yourself, that no one could make you feel like you are not good enough for anyone again. In the beginning, putting yourself first is very tough, Some days you would feel hopeless, lonely traumatized because you never fought for yourself like the way you are. In few months things around you start changing and you realize that you can be a good person and still chose not to hang out with them. In few years, you will not have to make a bundle of excuses for people, just bcoz you can't say N-O, You Won't skip the workout just because your new favorite person asked you to hang out, and maybe one day you will just sit on the couch all alone observing everything you achieved, that's the moment you look back, thinking about all the hard work you did to convert yourself, grow in a such a beautiful way not Just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Well, that's your moment of realizing that some people walking out of your life is not as bad as you thought. So you see not all endings are sad and yet "Happy ending is a myth".

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