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Gully Cricket- The Rule Breaker

What if I say this bat is mine so first batting is mine without any toss, or if you consider me out then I am going home and taking my bat with me, Sounds weird! But these are the rule of Gully Cricket that you can make any rule. Gully Cricket is an informal ad hoc variant of the game of cricket, played by people of all genders and all ages in gardens, back yards, on the street, in parks, beaches, and any area not specifically intended for the purpose. This has connotations to the pastimes of Australian, South African, and New Zealander children who had large expensive backyards where they were able to play this informal game of sport often with friends, family, and neighbors. It also has some interesting things like if you don't have wickets you can use any dustbin, bucket or even draw an imaginary wicket on the wall. Similarly, for tossing, you can use any stone, bottle cap, or wrapper of toffee. It has a weird rule that if the ball only bounced once and you catch it with one hand then the batsman is out. If your ball is lost and there is no other replacement ball then the match ends there. Imagine if your favorite cricketer hits a six and the ball vanishes and for this, the team members scold him that now we have to end the match because there is no replace ball then what will be your reaction?

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