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When there’s a will, there’s always a way. Answer this honestly: How many times have you missed out on opportunities given to you because you thought you won’t be able to do it? Some people create opportunities for themselves, some grab the ones they find while some people let go of them because of some, or the other excuse. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games concluded on 5th September 2021 where Indian athletes won historic 19 medals! Over 12 action-packed days, Tokyo 2020 saw more countries than ever winning medals at a single edition of the Paralympic Games, with 86 out of the 162 participating National Paralympic Committees making the podium. It is ironic how we let go of certain goals or things we need to do thinking that we’ll not be able to do it while people with various disabilities get trained and compete in such a prestigious event at the global level and win medals. The Paralympians really show us that sky is the limit if you wish to achieve and are determined to do it. In today’s world, we can find a number of distractions and sources of demotivation even from the people we communicate with. It depends on an individual on how they use the resources available to them. So, expand yourself as and when needed, make necessary changes and claim what is yours!

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