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Good food does not need to be necessarily expensive

Hungry again? How about something delicious which saves money? Today's dish is a Native American one. It is said that during a strike the Martin brothers served their colleagues free sandwiches. Whenever one of these strikers came to their eatery, they would say "Here comes another poor boy"!

Little did people know that these poor boy's sandwich will turn out to be the popular 'Po'Boy Sandwich now. Easy to make, this dish has no particular method of making or selected ingredients. One can simply put whatever combination of meat they like between two bread pieces and it's a Po'boy! However a sandwich is never really complete without cheese! One can put their preferred meat, some cheese and fresh vegetables in to make a Po'Boy. However, these days Po'Boys are not just limited to sandwiches. One will find a Po'Boy burger on American streets too!

Yeah, a Po'Boy sets a perfect example for the society that good food does not need to be necessarily expensive... one just needs to look around and be creative! A regular sandwich created history in the states. Simple food sure can be extravagant. I hope you learned something new today and we'll be back with another incredible dish next time! Stay tuned :)

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