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Gnocchi - Perfect Potato dumplings

Cuisines are certainly affected by the climate of the region they're born in. Meat is common in desserts of Africa and the Arabic region where it is hard for any vegetation to grow whereas the Asian dishes contain a variety because of their tropical nature. Cool Europe allows the growth of potatoes which is a staple there. Potatoes may be common in most cuisines and are simple but they have the capability to steal the spotlight, after all, who hates Potatoes?! Today we're going to talk about one such potato dish which will leave you in awe. The Italian Gnocchi! Gnocchi is a starter and could also be served as a side dish. Gnocchi is a simple dish and does not require many ingredients or hard work. It is a perfect example of the saying 'Less is more'. It has been enjoyed since the Romanian era. Some say it is from North Italy and some say the Romans brought it to Italy. However, this dish is a total winner. It is cheap and easy to make but can reside in your delicious memories forever. Simple ingredients come together here to prove that simplicity is bliss. Make sure you try this beautiful dish and let us know!

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