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Ghumar - Identity of Rajasthan

Today's famous folk dance of Indian states is none other than Rajasthan's pride, Ghumar. Ghumar was initially performed by the Bhil tribe to worship goddess Saraswati, but was later embraced by other Rajasthani communities, and became one of the popular folk dances. This dance is performed by women, the word Ghumar means to turn around so they stand in a circle and turn around while dancing with different hand gestures and variations. Sometimes the ladies give rhythm with the help of caps, and this has a close similarity with Gujarat's Garba. They perform it on occasions like local festivals, weddings, or gatherings. It is commonly found in Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mewar. Its history tells us about the royalty of Rajputana kings, the local women use to perform ghumar in the gathering (Sabha) of Rajputana but later on Rajput elite women also started participating in the Ghumar, and slowly it became a dance of joy. The attire women wear, which is known as Ghaghra, is of floral type pattern and they are very colorful so it is a main characteristic feature of Rajasthan. The songs are bhajans dedicated to Jagdamba or often include traditional songs such as "Gorband", "Podina", "Rumal" and "Mor Bole Re". Songs might be centered on royal legends or their traditions.

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