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Gaur Maria- A Unique Tribe Dance

In the series of different folk dance forms of an Indian state, today I will explore more about Gaur Maria. Maria named tribe in the thick forests of Madhya Pradesh hunts 'Gabar,' a wild buffalo that is very difficult to hunt and celebrate that they dance. Their costumes are also very vibrant and decorative, males wear headgear made of horn and ornament made of shells and beads. They hold and play big drums while dancing, on the other hand, ladies, drape saree and decorate the hair bun with flowers and leaves. The specialty is that while dancing, they give rhythm by beating a stick on the ground decorated with Ghunghroos on its end, and they hold each other by the waist. They give variations by making big lines, sometimes circles or semi-circles, snake walks, etc. Their formation and presentation are the treats to the eyes of viewers. The songs are memorable Maria's religious songs which are mainly dedicated to hunting. For Maria tribe hunting a gabar is considered courageous, adventurous, and manly, so the hidden motive is to praise the spirit of hunting among the tribe and enjoy the victory. I hope you found something new about one of the tribes living in India. Keep visiting here for more folk dances of Indian states.

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