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Ganga: Sacred river of India

Rising in the Himalayas and emptying into the Bay of Bengal, draining one-fourth of the territory of India is Ganga or Ganges as it is widely known among peers. It is one of the most sacred rivers in the context of Hindu beliefs and is personified as Goddess Ganga- goddess of purification and forgiveness. It accounts for being the only river that flows from all three worlds i.e Swarg ( Heaven), Prithvi (Earth), and Patal (Hell). A mere touch of the river can help attain moksha (salvation) and so the ashes of the dead are immersed in the sacred river. Besides being known for its mythological and spiritual belief it also serves as the longest river enclosed in the Indian continent with a length of 2525 km, providing water to 40% of India's population. It is said to have captured the Heart of millions from the very beginning of its existence. It provides enormous support to a huge number of an individual by providing them with the most fertile soil on the planet. Which largely influences the agricultural economy of India. It has enhanced tourism of the country, and many travelers enjoy being part of the Ganga Aarti that takes place every day.

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