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I, as a player, have seen many cases where the result of a round affects the individual relationship between two players. A player, outside the tournament hall, is just a normal human being who has feelings and emotions. Then why does the onboard result decide the relationship between two players? What holds us back? Is it ego? I strongly believe that a true sportsperson should never let go of a match because of who the opponent is, be it friend or family or a way stronger player. This attitude should only overpower relationships over the board. Why do we shake hands before and after every round? Before the game, you wish your opponent good luck in the true sense. After the round, you acknowledge the good game they've played. It reflects good gestures and a friendly attitude. Holding grudges against your opponents for any reason will only hold your growth back. If you've lost a round, it simply means that you need to work at your concepts and better your game. Being competitive does not mean holding grudges. A healthy competition is what we should practice and preach.

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