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Expressions as Art

Have you ever noticed that strange look on someone's face and wonder what does it mean? Wait, let me tell you about it in brief, so when you surprise a person they will shock, or when you mistakenly broke their thing they will be angry and, the person's eyes will expand, and they will furiously look at you, right! All these movements and looks are what are called expressions. It's just a trick of our mind to how we behave in a situation by changing our facial movements. An expression can convey our thoughts without even uttering a single word, do you know in many dance forms art of expressions plays a major role. The artist has to depict the scene/story by just their facial expressions! It forms a bond bridge between audience and performer as the mind connects through the emotions that are shown. The trend of expressions has been at a peak in the world of modeling as well as media for ages. The one who masters this art can win everyone's heart by tackling daunting phases. Even a single smile can flip the scenario. So a wink to you! and keep visiting Youth Change for more.

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Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma
Sep 20, 2021

True! If we try do imaging the world without expression it would be boring. Now even Machines are built with with some expression to express gratitude, and guilt. We all have gone through when we felt sorry for the mistake we did, but sometimes you might have heard "Your expression doesn't feel like guilt". Expression plays a vital role whether it is about entertaining, reel life, real life. And expression is as much important as not having an expression less. Because if you see, secret agents need to hide it. Haha.. Expression can feel one alive or can get you killed. Depends on situation. Seriously, I am liking all this blogs.

Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

Haha.. thats a great additional to my blog! Well thank you and keep reading youth change's blogs


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