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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

The beauty of nature is enhanced by flowers. They make everything seem more lively and attractive. There are about four lakh species of flowers yet we know only a few of them. Most of us don't even know about our birth flower. According to the Korean calendar, every human being born on a particular date has a flower in accordance, and the thing that intrigued me the most that every flower has its own significance. How wonderful is it, isn't it? Do you know in Medellin, Colombia the first flower festival took place in 1957 and this festival is still celebrated with joy and love it includes classic car parades, musical concerts, etc. Flowers have been an integral part of every country and its culture yet they are impertinent. Life is not about how many flowers you pick, it is about how much you can nurture the flower you pick. Also, you might feel that you know all about it but do you really know? It won't hurt to take little interest in trivial things you never know what you can get to learn.

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