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Eat it, don't waste it!


This day is celebrated annually on 16 October to promote global awareness for those who suffer from hunger and make a spotlight on healthy diets for all. This year's theme for food day is LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. This is inspired by the ongoing pandemic, conflict, and climate that won't stop rising prices and all the tension going on. This is affecting global security. Where we the youth need to build a sustainable world where everyone and everywhere has access to food. Did you know that about 815 million people are suffering from hunger in this world? This World Food day let's pledge to play our role in making food accessible to underprivileged people. Let's take simple steps to make it achievable. Find easy ways to stay in control of your food shops, make it easy to remember what food you have at home, and ideas on prompts to ensure all the food you've bought is eaten. The average family of four spends $1500 each year on food that ends up uneaten. There are many benefits to reducing food waste and that is cost-saving ( purchasing only as much as needed and avoiding additional costs of disposal). Every little thing you do makes a huge difference."

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