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Different People, Different Accent

A very random thing one of my teachers said to me recently was that "Language is evolutionary, not logical!" It seems to be a simple thing, like yeah, no language has science behind it. But it has a deeper meaning to it when you realize the context. What he wanted to say was that any and every language EVOLVES over time. It changes bit by bit at a time and keeps modifying. Different accents around the world for a single language is a result of this and ofcourse diversity of people all around. The UK alone has about 40 different accents for a single language English. It is natural for our brains to mimic the sounds that we hear a lot as it is necessary to store that sound and re-access it in our memory. But it is not necessary that your brain mimic that particular sound only. One person can speak the same language in several accents. An accent is just a distinctive way of pronouncing a language, but it is often highlighted or underscored for making fun of a country, class, or social group. Simply making fun because you are unfamiliar with it often seems like disrespect. So One Simple Change for today should be to not ridicule any accent or language. There's no right or wrong for any language, it changes as people. So, please accept the changes rather than mocking them.

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