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Defensive Thread: Touch me Not

We had this trip to the Botanical Garden and there was this one particular plant that caught my attention, 'touch me not '. The name itself was simple yet amusing. Touch me not it read out and our action opposed what our mind registered. We were running our fingers through it watching in fascination how leaflets shrank. This sensitive plant recovers after few minutes when it feels danger is gone, we were told by our teacher. Looks like plants reflex has evolved as a defense mechanism. Thinking of it I always feel we are. Aren't we all guarding something? Every one of us has a different defense mechanism than others but we all do have common ground that is protecting something precious to us. Our defensive side might be triggered when we feel a sense of danger. People tend to handle the situation differently per their mechanism. Someone might become aggressive whereas some calm and composed eyeing your every move, some might retreat whereas some might even thrive first.' Touch me not' is such an incredible masterpiece by mother Nature. It makes us learn how important it is to defend someone to protect something. Defending is an art and protecting is its core. We all have this art it's just we all use different strokes.

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12 ott 2021


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