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Consistency - A growth factor

Getting on top isn’t the toughest thing; staying there is. This is something I’ve learned since I was four and scored highest in my class for the first time. Decoding this statement means that consistency is the key. Fluctuating performance is not really appreciated. The regular mandatory ups and downs in your journey are bound to come but it depends on you that how can you minimize the down parts to the maximum level. Your job is to remove the graph that shows severe dips and highs and replace it with the one that shows a constant rise. There are two approaches: The first one is slow and steady wins the race like the turtle did and the second one is rushing towards the top. I have seen many players taking the first approach when I took the second one and both worked out well so we can claim that there is no incorrect or invalid option. But if I had enough time, I would have probably chosen the first approach. As Smyslov says, “Your task is to play 40 good moves.” If you spend too much time finding the excellent move at every interval, you’ll probably lose on time. Choosing an approach involves the consideration of various factors so choose yours wisely.

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