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Cold Noodles - Summer Delicacy

We all grew up eating noodles. Be it ready-made 2 -minute noodles or the Schezwan noodles. Something common in both of these kinds of food is that we are used to eating it while it's still hot. After all, nobody likes cold soggy noodles! But have you ever imagined eating icy cold noodles?! Kong-guksu is one such wonder we can barely imagine. It was born in North Korea, but it is kept alive in South Korea. It is extremely difficult to make since it differs from our interpretation and making of noodles and so, it is extremely rare to find a restaurant that serves Kong-guksu. However, despite its extremely rare presence it is still very much loved by those who have had the chance to taste it. It is a vegan-friendly dish and can be made using simple ingredients like Tofu, oat milk, etc. Simple ingredients make the best dishes. Kong-guksu is another example of it. Summers are pretty hot in the present global scenario where heat waves and temperature have increased alarmingly. At times like this, we all wish to have something refreshing. And trust me, Kong-guksu will be worth it all. Here's how you can make Kong-guksu in some simple steps - Link

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