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Last year On January 4, 2022, I saw my second movie of the year. The second film that I enjoyed, and throughout the film, the words of Quentin Tarantino rang in my head, "Cinema is an experience that you choose." Yes, I chose this experience. I could have done so many things at the time, but I decided to watch and enjoy that specific film. And that realization made me fall even more in love with movies.

Even though I knew the major spoilers of the movie, it felt great to be there in that massive darkened hall of creative art, witnessing a tale evolve in front of me and also inside me. Tom Holland's performance moved me. It was incredible to watch him feel such anguish, clenching his jaw and sobbing.

Though it has been a year and I would have forgotten about it if it hadn't been for my journal, I am glad I wrote about it. Moreover, I believe that in the current culture, movies are something that binds us, in the tale, and makes us experience the same emotions. This alone is reason enough for me to see it and even appreciate it.

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