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Chocolate: A Delicious Cure

Don't you love chocolates?? Almost everyone in the world loves them. However, sometimes some people consider them unhealthy treats as they ruin your teeth, make them obese and of course, can have diabetes. and are a guilty pleasure. But it can be healthy also if you consume them in moderation. Nowadays they are considered as a sweet treat to you but earlier (four thousand years), it was an invigorating drink also a mood enhancer. If you love chocolate as a candy, it's best to have dark chocolate. As it's the healthiest option containing lower sugar content that's why tastes bitter. Here's a recipe for you of making DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. First of all, u have to melt dark chocolate in a double boiler stirring it continuously. Then take heavy cream in a bowl and whip it until soft peak consistency. In another bowl mix some egg whites, sugar, then mix the melted chocolate bowl and whipped cream bowl in it. Refrigerate until set. And tadda!! Your dark chocolate mousse is ready. DID YOU KNOW: Dark chocolate is considered one of the worlds "SUPERFOOD"

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Add one thing more it release dopamine in the brain.🙂🙂


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