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Childhood treasure

Yesterday, I was walking in the park, and I saw a group of children playing hide and seek another group is playing with stones and enjoying a lot of those unprofessional games by making their own rules. So suddenly I remembered my own childhood when we used to play cricket by making tiffin boxes as bats and aluminium foil as a ball and have their own rules similarly we play ghost games, leg and stone games there is a never-ending list of games which were invented by us only. You can see in Shinchan also how they play doctor or house games to entertain themselves these are not the games which are played at the national or international level but still, they play a very important role in the unity and entertainment of children they also keep them engaging and try them to think innovatively for there next game plan. By playing such games, children explore new things and try to learn from everything, they try to invent a game from everything like a bedsheet, stones, stationary and so on. But with time, these things start disappearing; we become so busy in our lives that we forget about all these moments of our life that how we used to find happiness in every small thing through such games. One must sit for a while and remember those moments, and if you are a parent, then you must teach and tell your children about these games so that they can give them a try to these things and leave their phones for some time. Tell me in the comments about your innovative games.

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