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Changing Perspectives

“Video Games? They do no good!” I’ve heard every parent, teacher, or any elder person teaching this to children. I also accepted this during my childhood but as we always say that a coin has two sides, I was wondering if there are other sides to this opinion that I need to consider so I dropped a question on my Instagram and there seems to be a lot more on our plates than we believe. The most common advantages include that it develops focus, survival tactics, prediction abilities, quick reflexes, coordination, etc but the most charming point I found was that it subconsciously evokes creativity, develops better observation skills as you pay attention to the smallest details and the assuring attitude that there’s always a way to get out of a problem! No wonder why there is such a craze for video games that even the UNEP believes that it can positively channelize the power of the gaming industry to encourage action on climate change. Perhaps, we can develop a bit more positive attitude towards electronic games because after all, they act as great stress relievers too. However, I still do believe that everything is good only if we respect the limits. In accordance with traditional beliefs, I still support outdoor games but spending time this way once in a while shouldn’t be considered a waste!

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