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Champion's cheat meal - Churma

Hungry again? Today I present you the cheat meal of our First Indian Gold medalist in Athletics at the Olympics 2021! We heartily congratulate Neeraj Chopra for his record-breaking victory at the Olympics. He shared how Haryanvi Churma is his favorite cheat meal of all time. So here we are, telling you everything we know about Churma! Churma is perhaps the easiest to make and not only saves time but also prevents food from being wasted. Have leftover chapatis? Just break them into pieces, add sugar and ghee to it! Bingo! Cheat meal- check; Leftover food - saved. It is a very famous Haryanvi dessert and is enjoyed by folks a lot. If you're from Haryana, your Grandma has probably fed this to you a lot! Ghee is considered very beneficial for consumption in India. Indian cuisine might be known for its spices but when it comes to sweets, it's even better. Our champion's cheat meal is pretty much the best Indian cheat meal one could think of. It also throws light on a principle every Indian kitchen follows - Wastage of food is disrespect of food and thus one should make use of everything and waste nothing.

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Aug 15, 2021

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