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Celebration without Destruction

We all love to celebrate our festivals and functions with great joy and enthusiasm. But have we ever thought that our celebration is causing harm to our mother earth? It is strange but true! Let me explain in detail. We all feel excited to attend the functions and enjoy the delicious meal. Take a pause and think about how many times we are conscious about the food we take on our plate. We take excessive food just to avoid going a second time and standing in a queue. Once our stomach is full, without thinking much we throw away the leftover food. That food goes into the landfill and if not treated properly it can cause pollution. According to the NGO Feeding India, 10 to 20 percent of the food served at weddings goes to waste. This was just a small example. There are many other reasons which are causing harm to our mother earth. So what's the solution? I am not saying that we should not celebrate our functions. The only thing is that we must celebrate them in harmony with nature. For example, we can always use waste materials by recycling them for decoration. After the functions are over, we can distribute the leftover food to needy people. The leftover food on the plates can be used to make the compost. We can protect our mother earth by being mindful of the waste generated after all our functions. Let not be our celebration the reason for negativity and destruction but the reason for joy and positivity.

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