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Hello readers! this week I have researched how social media and the internet have proposed photography as an art. Photography was invented in the 1820s and quickly became popular thereafter, but it was originally considered a mere skill rather than a form of art. For almost 100 years, photographic prints never appeared in any art galleries or exhibitions. Photography was seen to be more of a technical knowledge rather than art on its own but, nowadays things have changed. Throughout history, there have been those touchstone moments captured on film. In today's world, we have advanced cameras and all kinds of equipment it all just narrows down to the perfect shot, which for a photographer can mean an entire eternity of work sometimes. As technology has progressed, people don't need to come and show their art in exhibits. They can post it on social media and even sell them through the internet, plus with these HD cameras, photography is becoming a well-known field and a career option as well for the people who love taking pictures and playing with colors and ISO settings this is a treat. Consider photography as a form of art that we see everywhere like our phone wallpapers, door pannels, discovery channels, in our curtains, bedsheets, and a lot more stuff it's just that we never noticed.

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Aug 08, 2021

You talked about a really simple thing in a creative way!! Great work.


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